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Merchant protection center


  • Insurance – It should be stating the obvious, but insurance is a must for any business. That’s why we make sure insurance is available for inbound shipping, inventory storage, and outbound shipping. Call 888-SHIPWIRE, and select the Insurance option, to discuss your insurance needs.
  • Order-to-Delivery Tracking – Shipments aren’t from pickup to delivery. They’re from order to warehouse, to pickup to delivery. The more visibility you have, the more comfortable you feel. Same with your customers. That’s why Shipwire gives you tracking tools inside your account, as well as tracking tools you can give directly to your customer.


  • Just-In-Time Management – Shipwire helps you monitor bulk merchandise, from the moment it leaves your facility, to the moment it is at Shipwire, and available for shipping to your customer. We do this by letting you view incoming inventory, and seeing the moment it becomes available. To see this in action, just send us merchandise!
  • Samples – We understand that merchandise may go directly from your supplier to Shipwire, then off to your customer, without you ever seeing it. You may have a sample shipped to you at any time.
  • Stock Management – We control the way every situation is handled, such as cancelled orders and stock outs. Want to give your customer’s visibility as well? You can even set your online store to show customers “in stock” vs “on its way” inventory, complete with delivery estimates!


  • Kitting Management – Do you have a mix of products that you always ship together? Do you sell the same product in fixed quantities, such as 1, 25 and 200? Then Shipwire’s kitting service is a great way to save money. A kit is when you take a group of products, or quantity of the same product, and put them together in a package or bag. Then the kit can have one ID assigned to it, and shipping the kit will count as one item toward your monthly total.
  • Bulk Shipping Management – Do you sometimes ship 1 item from an inner pack, but other times ship the entire inner pack? Then you’ll appreciate that Shipwire’s handling of these “master cases” is invisible to you. For example, you may purchase merchandise in bulk, from overseas, and it comes packaged in a complex way. You may have paid for 16 base products, but they come packaged 4 to a inner pack, with 2 inner packs to a master case. Don’t worry about it, we do the worrying for you, so you can focus on growing your business.
  • Supplier Management – Do you know how to manage your suppliers? We help you work with your suppliers early in the process, and make sure they properly package and label your merchandise. For example, you want to make sure your supplier is labeling each product in the same way they are identified in your Shipwire account. You also want to see if you can get your supplier to pre-package the merchandise in shippable mailers or packages, before sending them to Shipwire. Also be sure any packaging your supplier uses is safe and secure. You want your merchandise to be secure in transit.
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