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Amazon Order Fulfillment


Connecting your Amazon Marketplace account to Shipwire is easy. NOTE: Your Amazon account must allow for API access (not available for individual accounts, you need a Pro account or better). If you are unsure of your account type, contact Amazon.

Connection Information
Who developed integration: Shipwire
Support Contact: Website
Status: Clients actively using the connection, no known issues
Integrated APIs
Order Entry
Shipping Rates



Order Entry – Orders are submitted to Shipwire from your e-commerce store automatically via our Order Entry API. Once your online store receives an order, Shipwire takes care of the rest.

Order Tracking – All tracking information related to completed shipments is pulled automatically, including expected delivery dates.

Inventory Status – Your global warehouse levels will be sent to Amazon.


In your Amazon account
Begin by following the steps below to enable Amazon MWS API access. Not all Amazon Seller portals are configured, so if you use a portal that’s not available, Contact Us.

  1. Enable the Amazon MWS sell tool under Add Connectors in the Third Party Connectors link in your Shipwire account drop down menu.
  2. Select the appropriate Amazon Seller Portal to enable.
  3. Log in to Amazon Seller Central
  4. Go to Appstore | Manage Your Apps
  5. Click “Authorize new developer”
  6. Enter “Shipwire” for “Developer’s Name”
  7. Enter the appropriate Developer ID from the below list for the region you are setting up:
  8. Location Account Number
    US 2721-1088-6089
    UK 8244-0086-5259
    CA 9719-8016-7333
    JP 7619-9359-4850
  9. Click the Next button, check the box on the next page and click Next.
  10. The next page will display your Seller ID, Marketplace ID, and Auth Token. Copy these identifiers as you will need them for the next step. It is also a good practice to print this page and save it in a safe place. You can view this information in your Amazon seller account.
  11. Amazon MWS Information

  12. In your Amazon Seller account, locate and copy your Merchant Token (Settings > Account Info > Business Information Section > Merchant Token). Note this down as you will also need it in a later step.


In your Shipwire account
Once you’ve completed the steps above, check that you’ve added the Amazon MWS sell tool in your Shipwire account, then follow these instructions to complete the connection.

  1. Enter your Amazon Seller ID (known as the Merchant ID within Shipwire), Marketplace ID, Merchant Authorization Token, and Merchant Token into the Setup Connection field in the Sell panel of your Shipwire dashboard.
  2. Set Up Connection

  3. Select the Shipwire API connections you wish to use for your connection.
  4. Enable Features

  5. Schedule your order fulfillment.
  6. Fulfill Your Orders



Q.Orders from Amazon suddenly stopped importing to Shipwire. What happened?

A.Amazon likely reached out to you via email about renewing your Seller account token, and action was not taken. Amazon temporarily disables the token in this case, but you can easily renew the existing token following the below instructions from Amazon: Sellers can renew or revoke a developer authorization in the Current Authorizations table in the Amazon MWS Developer Permissions section of the User Permissions page of Seller Central. They may access this page at any time at Settings> User Permissions in seller central.

Q.How can I have Shipwire fulfill some products I sell on Amazon, but not all of them?

A.Simply load into Shipwire only the products that you would like us to fulfill. Then edit the setting for “Sell tool orders w/ unknown products” in your Shipping Preferences. Here you can set orders with unknown products to be rejected, held, or shipped with just the products that Shipwire recognizes.

Q.How are Amazon’s shipping methods mapped to Shipwire service types?

A.Amazon shipping methods will map as provided below:

Amazon shipping level => Shipwire service type
Standard => GD
Expedited => 2D
SecondDay => 2D
NextDay => 1D
Express => 1D

Q.What’s the difference between a Merchant ID and a Seller ID?

A.The Merchant ID and the Seller ID both refer to the same item. Amazon MWS refers to this ID as a Seller ID, while the Shipwire Platform refers to this ID as the Merchant ID.

Q.How often will inventory sync to Amazon?

A.Your inventory will be synced with Amazon once per hour.

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