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Shopping cart and sell tools – FAQ

Shipwire is integrated with a variety of ecommerce platforms, marketplaces, and other connection types.

See a full list of compatible shopping carts on our Connections page.

We also provide a robust API if you want to develop your own connection integration. See our Developers page for more information.

What if my store isn’t listed?

If you can’t find your software listed, then let us know. We’re happy to contact your software vendor, and work with them to get their software compatible.

If you can provide us with a specific contact for your sofware vendor, then the integration process will go much faster.

Alternately, you have two options:

  1. If you want to get started right away, you can simply enter orders directly into your Shipwire account.
  2. Use software such as Quickbooks or Stone Edge, as an intermediary for importing your orders, and then exporting them in a way that Shipwire can understand.
  3. See if your store can export orders to a spreadsheet. Then you can easily upload that spreadsheet inside your Shipwire account.
  4. Hire your own personal developer, to integrate Shipwire exactly as you want. It’s rather easy, and should be inexpensive. To view our developer page, go to the Shipwire Home Page, click the Learn More button, and go to the Developers tab.


My Store Does Not Get Real-Time Shipping Rates From Shipwire.

When integrating your shopping cart (sell tools) with Shipwire it is desirable to accurately quote your customer the same shipping cost that Shipwire directly changes to ship your goods. A new Shipping API is now available that Shipwire and 3rd party developers are integrating into shopping carts that will directly provide exact shipping rates from Shipwire. Shipping Rate Web Services API

As many carts may be slow to adapt this, there are a few ways to work around this. Most carts let you get shipping cost quoted from UPS, USPS or others that you can use for checkout. These rates quotes will be close to the Shipwire cost to ship your order. So your customer is charged appropriately based on their location and the shipping service they want. Once you capture your order it is send to Shipwire for fulfillment.

There are a few things that you need to be aware for:

  1. Remember that when using this method the ship-from address is the warehouse. Be sure to configure your shipping cart appropriately. You want the rate quoted as from your warehouse.
  2. If you are getting rates based on a specific shipper account like your own UPS account, the rate may be quoted based on your specific address configured on your account which is likely your business address. For your Shipwire rate quotes you may need a separate account using the warehouse location as the address. You may run into this with FedEx or others as well. It’s something to be aware of.

If you have other questions about how to do this please contact support.

How will Shipwire know which product to ship?

If you want to automate order entry, we need each product ID, or SKU, in your Shipwire account to match a SKU in your online store. For example, if a customer purchases SKU or Model # KSW101 in your store, then Shipwire will look for KSW101 in your account, and ship this item from inventory. To provide us with this unique product identifier, sign into your account, and select the Add Products option, and follow the instructions.If you have a lot of SKUs, you can use a spreadsheet to synchronize the SKUs in your Shipwire account, with those in your online store.

Where do I go if I have store problems?

You can find solutions to common issues on our Cart Troubleshooting page.

Carts listed on our Connections page were developed either by Shipwire, the connection vendor, or a third party developer. All carts have been tested unless otherwise stated.

  • If the vendor provided Shipwire with instructions for configuring their software, it is included in this help center. Just type their name into the search box, and press enter. You can also look in our Site Map.
  • Some integrations with carts were written by Shipwire. Feel free to submit a support ticket to Shipwire customer support for those carts that were integrated by Shipwire.
  • If you are still having problems and the cart was not integrated by Shipwire, please contact the vendor directly.   If the module was developed by a third party, Shipwire likely can’t resolve the issue on your behalf. In most cases the module may not be correctly using the Shipwire API and the module may need to be patched.

The Shipwire interfaces are extremely reliable. If you continue having problems, we must recommend you look at alternate shopping cart vendor. Most shopping carts can be integrated to Shipwire in about a day. We provide a detailed set of Fulfillment web services and API’s to connect carts to Shipwire.

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