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Green packaging options

Shipwire favors the use of environmentally friendly packing materials. Our standard offering has been optimized to balance your order fulfillment’s environmental impact and cost, while still ensuring adequate product protection during the shipping process. Shipwire can also work with you to customize your packaging should you desire specific features that are not offered by default.

Boxes and Envelopes

All of the warehouses in the Shipwire network use 100% recyclable boxes. These boxes also typically include up to 20% post consumer waste (PCW) recycled content.

The warehouses use several types of envelopes, where choice would depend on the dimensions of the order and availability: Tyvek, bubble mailer and padded envelopes. Our Tyvek envelopes are 100% recyclable, and made from 100% PCW. Our warehouses will prefer using padded envelopes whenever these are available. These are 100% recyclable, and made of 100% PCW. The bubble mailers are not recyclable.

Packing Fill

All of our warehouses, other than the Chicago facility, use paper fill. This paper is 100% recyclable, and made from 100% PCW recycled content.

The Chicago warehouse also uses paper fill, but it will also occasionally employ Poly-Air bags. These bags are 100% recyclable.

Using the Smallest Available Box

Shipwire software optimizes each pick & pack order to fit the contents in the smallest available box or envelope. With the broad range of available boxes and envelopes in stock in our warehouses, the net result is that your orders will go in an ideally sized box, with minimum packing fill. Aside from reducing any packing waste, this will also reduce your overall carbon footprint, and cost, by minimizing the shipment’s weight.

More Eco-friendly Resources

Please check out the Shipwire blog where we post case studies and green eco-friendly shipping supply chain resources. Learn how one customer cut their carbon footprint by employing multiple warehouses – saving money on shipping also means reducing gas usage!

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