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Shipping Options

As a merchant, you should configure your Ground, 2 Day, and 1 Day service, and set your online store accordingly. Shipwire takes care of everything else.

In your account settings, we specify our recommendations for various special cases: freight, commercial, international, PO Box, military base, oversized, etc. You can change your preferences to your preferred settings.

Available shipping options

For planning purposes, also see Shipwire’s shipping & holiday planning guide.

Shipping Optimization

Shipwire will ship each package at the lowest cost option that matches your selected shipping preferences. Benefits include:

  • Eliminate the hassles and worry of carrier rate selection.
  • Identify and select the lowest carrier on a per shipment basis
  • Automate your shipping
  • Create rules and preferences to match how you want to ship


Shipping Insurance from Shipsurance

Automatically insure your outbound shipments with our insurance partner Shipsurance, with complete integration to all our warehouses. This means online insurance reporting and claims processing from directly inside your account.

You can also learn more about shipping insurance.

Business-to-business capabilities only Class A warehouses can deliver

Retailer compliance is our specialty. With regular shipments to major retail chains, we can palletize, label and notify the retailer as needed. We can also handle “ASNs via EDI”, and retailer pickups can be scheduled online as well.

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