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Shipwire keeps high standards for operational excellence, and our tools make recovery quick and painless for you and your customers when issues do arise. Orders shipped inaccurately as a result of an error will be corrected at no extra cost (i.e. free handling and shipping) at the same service level based on our Service Level Guarantees.

The Report problem tool is built to simplify and automate reporting an issue, letting you quickly notify us so we can resolve it. Once a problem is reported the Shipwire platform will generally do the following:

  • Address and automatically resolve overshipments and undershipments
  • Notify our team of the issue
  • Initiate insurance processes where relevant
  • Credit your account
  • Log the activity to your account history and give you a permanent record of the issue

This page shows you how to use the tool to report problems.

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Reporting a problem

To report a problem, begin by clicking finding the order in question in your Shipwire account. You can do this by finding the order in your Activity tab, or by searching for the order ID, customer name, or other detail. Clicking on Report a problem or return on the Order Details page will allow you to quickly act on the most common fulfillment issues.

Report a problem


Lost shipment

If an insured shipment has been lost by the carrier, Shipwire allows you to quickly file an insurance claim, and fix the problem. Click My package is lost to report a problem.

Report a problem - lost

Shipwire will show the amount insured in the claim summary. Enter a description of the loss and upload an invoice of bill of materials showing the cost of the lost item. Then, click Submit claim to submit the claim for processing.

Hint: In addition to reporting the lost shipment, you may also want to Duplicate the original order and send it again. This can be initiated prior to filing the claim, or once the claim is filed.

Damaged shipment

If an insured shipment has been damaged by the carrier, Shipwire allows you to quickly file an insurance claim, and fix the problem. Click My package is damaged to begin. You will be able to choose between “The items are smashed beyond repair” and “I will submit a repair estimate.” You will be required to upload an invoice or an estimate and submit your claim.

Report a problem - damaged


Inaccurate shipment

If your product was shipped inaccurately (either overshipped, or undershipped), Shipwire makes fixing the problem easy and fast. Click Shipwire shipped the wrong thing to report a problem.

Overshipping occurs when more items were shipped than were ordered.

Report a problem - overshipped

If your order was overshipped, click the One or more extra or wrong items were included. If you know how many of each item were overshipped, select I know the details of the overshipment and enter the quantity of each product (SKU) overshipped.

You can then specify whether you want to create a shipping label for the customer to send the order back, or to let the customer keep the item.

Undershipping occurs when one or more items are missing from an order.

Report a problem - undershipped

If your order was undershipped, click the One or more items were missing and enter the quantity of each product (SKU) undershipped.

You can then specify whether you want Shipwire to create a new order for the missing items at no cost (based on our Service Level Agreement). If select this, upon submission of the claim the new order will be created in your History, where you can edit or hold the order. Your account will be credited the cost of shipping the missing items, at the original service level.


To make it easier to manage returns, we have made the returns claim available on the Order detail page. To file a return, see our Managing returns page.

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