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Platform updates: April 2015

Here you will find all updates, features, and bug fixes to the Shipwire Platform for April, 2015.

What’s New

  • Revamped, Intuitive Navigation
    • Shipwire’s V3 UI is now easier to navigate. Users will have a much easier time accessing the tools needed to complete day-to-day tasks.
    • Learn more.
  • Product API
    • The Product API allows you to retrieve information about products in your product catalog. You can also create and udate products.
  • Enabled multiple commercial invoicing capability for TNT Pakket and DHLGM.
    • This ensure that when there are multiple boxes used in a single order, the commercial invoices for each box only reflect the items in that box and not in the entire order.
  • Existing Products can now be updated via spreadsheets in V3
  • Interested in Drop Shipping? Shipwire is currently running a pilot program for Drop Shipping for Suppliers, with constant updates every month. Learn more.


Changes, Updates, & Improvements

  • Custom Inventory Alerts: Minor usability optimizations and tool tips were added to make it easier to create custom inventory alerts. Note: custom icon colors will no longer be supported. Accounts using that feature were notified of the changes.
  • Third Party Carriers: Improved handling and editing of Third Party Carrier label uploads to ensure that the right number of labels are requested for the amount of boxes in an order.
  • Inventory Manager: Have your inventory stored in bulk packaging? You now have the option to display your inventory as individual items. In the Inventory Manger, click the checkbox labeled “Show all inventory as individual items”.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Minor visual UI improvements and bug fixes to the inventory status view.
    • Fixed the progress indicator after clicking the Place order button to clearly indicate the order is processing. Previously, the progress indicator prematurely disappeared before processing was complete.
    • Fixed bug related to not handling third party freight workflow properly in the UI.
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