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Platform updates: May 2017

Here you will find all things new with the Shipwire Platform for May 2017.

What’s New

  • Order Overview: New Custom Date Picker:
  • To provide more flexibility to our customers when they manage their orders through the Shipwire Platform, we’ve recently added a new feature to the Order Overview page. This enhancement includes the ability to search for order data by a custom date range and allows users to export that data to any general spreadsheet (XLS, CSV, TSV) format.

  • New Return Labeling Capabilities:
  • The Shipwire Platform can now print return labels to be included with an order. Enabling this option allows end consumers to bypass the returns portal, creating an easier return experience.

  • New Fields for Export Compliance:
  • To streamline exports, we have implemented new fields in the Shipwire Platform to capture the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) code (10 digits) and the Export Control Classification Number (ECCN). This information can be saved in your product catalog. For more information, reference our support pages.

  • Shopify Connector: New Order Splitting Functionality:
  • Shopify users can now provide their customers with information regarding orders that split across shipments. Moving forward, the end consumer will receive accurate email notifications with precise order contents and correlating tracking numbers for each split shipment.

  • Featured Blog: 3 areas supply chain leaders overlook that impact ecommerce customer satisfaction:
  • Last quarter we observed a 15.5% increase on average daily sessions within the Shipwire Platform due to improved data analytics and visibility. This quarter we decided to write about how visibility across one’s fulfillment technology stack can help improve customer satisfaction. Read our blog post to learn more.

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