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Platform Updates: July 2017

Here you will find all things new with the Shipwire Platform for July 2017.

What’s New

  • Prime Fulfillment by IMC: We’re happy to introduce Prime Fulfillment by Ingram Micro Commerce & Fulfillment Solutions in all our Advanced Logistic Centers (ALCs) and Redlands, CA warehouse. This new solution enables the fulfillment of Prime orders in compliance with 1- and 2-day Prime shipping SLAs throughout the United States. Customers can leverage this to maintain a single pool of inventory for all of their sales channels and provides third party logistics and inventory management for brands participating in Seller Fulfilled Prime.
  • New Shipwire Platform Guided Flows: Given all of our platform releases and the increasing number of them, we realized that platform users would benefit from an easy way to stay on top of upgrades and new features, so we’re excited to introduce guided flows within the Shipwire Platform. Read our blog to learn more.
  • New Warehouse API: We’ve recently launched our Warehouse RESTful API. This new API is used to manage Shipwire Anywhere warehouses and dropship locations. Users can leverage it to create a new warehouse, update an existing warehouse or get information about already created warehouses.
  • Receiving API & Return API – new endpoints: The Receiving API & Return API now features a “mark complete” endpoint. This is leveraged by users of Shipwire Anywhere warehouses to allow for manual completion of receivings and returns in their locations.
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