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Platform updates: November 2015

Here you will find all updates, features, and bug fixes to the Shipwire Platform for November 2015.


What’s New

  • Business Reports: Shipwire has added a powerful new feature that will provide insight into your fulfillment operations. Select up from up to four types of reports (more to be added in the future). Learn more


Changes, Updates, & Improvements

  • Returns and Receiving Events for Webhooks API added:
    • Return topics: Get notifications on all events regarding returns. These include return creation, cancellation, completion and more. Return tracking is also tracked via this feature.
    • Receiving (ASN) topics: Get notifications on all events regarding a receiving order. These include creation, cancellation, completion, and more.
  • Platform performance improvements: Various upgrades have increased the ability of the Shipwire platform to perform its tasks
  • Shipping Quote Process Improvement: To make it easier to get international shipping quotes, only the country will be required for non-US country to country shipping quotes.
  • Improved Order API compatibility with Shipwire Anywhere locations
  • Increased time limit for Reporting a Problem to align with Shipsurance policy for filing claims
  • Updated Order details page layout to bring more visibility to the Order ID and Customer information
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Improved and fixed address support for order upload spreadsheets
    • Commercial invoices are no longer created for shipments between countires in the European Union
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