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Platform updates: February 2015

Here you will find all updates, features, and bug fixes to the Shipwire Platform for February, 2015.


What’s New

  • Returns API: The Returns API allows you to easily get tracking and status information about returns and to mange them accordingly. Create and cancel returns, create and send shipping labels, and more. Automate your returns workflow from a customer-facing returns portal or your internal systems. Learn more.
  • Spreadsheet Upload Notifications: Merchants uploading larger product catalogs via spreadsheet that may take some time to complete will now receive an email notification upon upload completetion.
  • Download your Product Catalog: You are now able to download your existing product catalog into a spreadsheet, preformatted to the template for easy updating.


Changes, Updates, & Improvements

  • Additional Fedex Services: Fedex SmartPost service is now available. Also, Fedex Adult Signature Required option is now available for both Fedex Ground and Fedex Ground Home.
  • Improved Pagination: Pagination of your inventory lists and product catalog.
  • Expanded Product Catalog View: Product counts for all bulk packaging levels are now shown. The base product is displayed with the roll-up of inner pack, master case, and pallet levels.
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