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Platform Updates: March 2018

Here you will find all updates, features, and bug fixes to the Shipwire Platform for March, 2018

  • Updated Receiving Guide: We have updated our Receiving and ASN Guide in an effort to optimize and streamline our inbound processes across all fulfillment locations. Please review this guide thoroughly to ensure your inbound shipments comply with our updated requirements and to avoid fines and delays in receiving.
  • Improved performance for ASN creation with large number of SKUs: Creating inbound ASNs with a large number of SKUs is now faster to do through the Shipwire Platform.
  • Performance improvements to inventory status, order detail and business reports: The load time for inventory status updates, order detail and business reports has been significantly reduced. Faster loading is especially useful for those who have an extensive product catalog and/or more activities in their account.
  • Metric unit support for individual product creation/edit: You can now create and edit individual products using centimeters and kilograms in the product catalog. Note: this does not yet apply to spreadsheet upload.
  • Create your own Prime-like order fulfillment network with ground shipping: Read our blog to learn more.
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