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Platform updates: March 2015

Here you will find all updates, features, and bug fixes to the Shipwire Platform for March, 2015.


What’s New

  • Webhooks API: The Webhooks API allows your application to stay informed about events of interest on the Shipwire platform, in real-time without having to poll the Shipwire APIs for those events. The events include: order creation, cancellations, holds, hold clears, tracking number added or updated, and package delivery. Learn more.


Changes, Updates, & Improvements

  • ACH Payment Enabled: ACH (bank account) payment method is now available in V3.
  • Shopify App Features Expanded
    • Can now edit previously saved Shopify connection settings
    • Can now choose where the stock requests from Shipwire should return only “Good” inventory or “Good + Pending”.
    • Merchants will now be alerted during installation if using Shipwire as a carrier is not supported by their Shopify plan.
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