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Platform Updates: October 2016

Here you will find all updates, features, and bug fixes to the Shipwire Platform for October, 2016

What’s New

  • Peak Season Microsite: All pertinent dates and status alerts related to Peak Season 2016 are centralized and accessible here (this is in lieu of the holiday calendar we’ve released in years past). You can find Carrier Service Modifications, Shipping Cutoff Dates, Fulfillment Center Closures, and Operational Modifications here.
  • Blog of the month: Holiday 2016 is around the corner and a lot is changing. Marketplaces are imposing new restrictions and promotions are happening even earlier in the month of November. Read our blog post and view our webinar, Top 10 Tips for Peak Season.
  • Focus of the month: The Shipwire Platform has over 200+ pre-built connectors to the most popular ecommerce tools in the business. Visit our Sell Multichannel page and learn how to open new sales channels. We can flex and scale to your needs.
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